About us

Groningen Airport Eelde was established in 1931. In just over three-quarters of a century the northern airport has evolved into a complete international airport located just a stone's throw away from the city of Groningen.

High-quality facilities

Groningen Airport Eelde, with its high-quality facilities and market-oriented approach, wishes to be the airport of choice for holidaymakers and business travellers alike in the North. Groningen Airport Eelde is the airport in the region and for the region. The airport considers the provision of facilities in the region to be its task. Financially, infrastructural and socially. In as far as possible. Nothing more and nothing less.

Attractive airport

Close proximity, easy access, convenient departure times and speedy check-in all make Groningen Airport Eelde an extremely attractive airport, not only for the three northern provinces but also for Overijssel, Flevoland, Gelderland and the border areas with Germany. For these reasons more and more holidaymakers and business travellers are choosing Groningen Airport Eelde instead of the overly crowded Schiphol.

Tourism and promotional flights

The majority of our passengers travel on our charter flights (including transavia.com and Corendon Airlines) and scheduled flights (Flybe and AIS Airlines). But Groningen Airport Eelde also offers sightseeing flights. These are flights with touristic or promotional objectives. Those who are interested can take a flight above the northern Netherlands to get a completely new, bird's-eye view of their city and province .

Flight training traffic

In addition to the holiday and scheduled flights a large amount of the air traffic is from the KLM Flight Academy and the DFA.

Medical and military flights

Groningen Airport Eelde is also an important airport for the University Medical Center Groningen's (UMCG) donor flights and trauma helicopter. The Ministry of Defence and the Emergency Services (for military operational flights) also use our facilities.