Business aviation - Private jet terminal

Business aviation - Private jet terminal

A comfortable and highly efficient airport for your clients to arrive at!

Groningen Airport is a versatile and compact airport, where speed, comfort and convenience are paramount to us. We want the arrival and departure of your clients to be a pleasant experience, offering short journey times to final destinations.

Private jet terminal

Are you aware of the fact that Groningen Airport has a private jet terminal for business flights? No queueing, the personal touch and a car right outside the door. The private jet terminal has been specially designed to offer optimal privacy and comfort. We do our utmost to provide your clientele and visitors with a carefree travel experience.


Our airport is centrally located in the north of the Netherlands, next to the A28 motorway, between Groningen and Assen. The A7 motorway towards Heerenveen is easily and quickly accessible from the airport. Due to our location, roads around the airport are relatively quiet, so your clients will travel without hold-ups.


Groningen Airport has a 2,500 metre runway and ample handling equipment, making it possible for almost every type of aircraft to land. Cars and helicopters are allowed on our platform, ensuring that your clientele have a comfortable onward journey.

Where required, helicopter transfers from the airport direct to your shipyard are also available. This service is provided by

Small-scale means efficiency

The small-scale of our airport means we can offer many advantages, we are highly efficient therefore time-saving. Our air traffic control does not work with slots, enabling your clients to arrive or depart within our opening hours, at the time of their choice. As aircraft taxiing is minimal, once the plane is parked, your visitors can continue their onward journey quickly. Privacy can be guarded, due to the fact that aircraft are parked very close to any onward connections.

Like to know more?

For more information on customised business flights, please visit Air Charters Europe. From our airport you can decide yourself where you want to go in Europe and at what time.  


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 6.30am - 11pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 7.30am - 9pm