Innovation and sustainability

NXT Airport- an airport of the future

The aviation industry has to be innovative and more sustainable. For us, the next generation and for our world, the need to consciously look after our planet is greater than ever. Sustainability and the associated innovations are important focus areas for our airport. We are constantly working on how we can contribute and lead the way in these developments.

Sustainability, innovation and education

Our airport is constantly working on innovation, sustainability and education. Completed projects to date:

  • The largest solar park in the world at a working airport has been realised here at Groningen Airport. 
  • NXT Airport, an innovation and sustainability initiative. NXT Airport is where various organisations involved in education, sustainability and aviation innovation congregate.
  • The Dronehub GAE Foundation, located at Groningen Airport, is testing new drone possibilities with third parties, in a controlled environment.
  • Five European companies involved in hydrogen development are located at Groningen Airport.
  • Omnidrones, together with the Noorderpoort College are setting up the Omnidrones Academy. Some of the tuition will take place at the airport.
  • Companies based at the airport are looking into ways to be more sustainable. 


We are convinced that good cooperation between companies, centres of knowledge and the government is necessary in order to convert ambition into success. Together we can work on the most innovative ideas that contribute to a better world. You are also important in this, hence your ideas and insights are more than welcome.
How wonderful it would be if together we achieve this goal .
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