NXT Airport

Groningen Airport Eelde started this innovative and sustainability-initiative. Together with various partners, we are working on a solid foundation for the programme.

NXT Airport: Groningen Airport

It is clear that aviation must innovate and become more sustainable, for us, the next generation and for the future. That is why Groningen Airport has initiated the sustainability education and innovation programme: NXT Airport.

Innovation & Sustainability: aviation of the future.

Sustainability and innovation play an important part in aviation. Important aspects are electric aircraft, making airports more sustainable and the integration of unmanned aviation. NXT Airport is looking at the possibilities and opportunities for emission-free handling, a hydrogen filling station and making Groningen Airport a  "Hydrogen Valley Airport". The focus is also on unmanned aviation systems and the integration between manned and unmanned aviation. Projects include cargo-drone development and passenger-carrying drones.

Education: the airport as a learning environment.

An environment where business, governments and academia come together. Our generation working for the future. The campus within NXT Airport is a multidisciplinary environment, where teaching is applied in an interrelated form, the airport being a unique environment for learning. The Airport Campus offers opportunities for new courses and career possibilities for young people within the  aviation and tourism sectors.


NXT Airport is a living lab, amalgamating  business, governments and academia. Programmes focus on innovation and education aiming to make aviation more sustainable.

Groningen Airport is ideally suited as a testing ground for these innovations. Our airport is small and flexible, which means that there are many research and testing opportunities. NXT Airport also serves as a breeding ground for new innovations and as a magnet for attracting business to Groningen Airport. 

Participants now include NHL-Stenden, Saab, Holthausen, PEN EM, Dronehub GAE, New Energy Coalition and the KLM Flight Academy.

Groningen Airport to be the first operational hub for Electron Aviation’s Air Taxis

Groningen Airport will be Electron Aviation's first operational airport to use electric air taxis. The company recently announced that the air taxi service from Groningen Airport will commence in 2026.

The air taxi service uses 100% electric Electron 5 aircraft, which carry up to four passengers. The air taxis have a range of 750 km from Groningen Airport which covers destinations such as Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hannover, London and Paris.