Remote Tower (LVNL)

Remote Tower

Groningen Airport is progressive and where innovations grow and flourish. A good example of this is the LVNL's (Dutch Air Traffic Control) Remote Tower project.

Remote Tower is a concept where an airport’s air traffic control is performed remotely. The initiator of the project is the LVNL (Dutch Air Traffic Control).

Innovation from the LVNL

From the end of 2021, air traffic control will be moved from Groningen Airport to the head office of the LVNL at Schiphol East. The LVNL uses remote tower technology which means air traffic controllers at Schiphol East will supervise aircraft arrivals and departures at Groningen.

Remote air traffic control

Remote tower technology makes it possible to provide air traffic control remotely. Camera masts will be fitted at both Groningen and Maastricht airports, the images are then displayed on air traffic controllers monitors, making local air traffic control redundant. This will have no effect on the operation of incoming or departing aircraft. The service that LVNL provides to airlines, the airport and other users will remain unchanged.


The LVNL is putting this in place in order to provide Groningen airport with efficient and innovative services in the future. The innovation of remote tower technology guarantees safe air traffic control with cost reductions in the long term.

More information

More information about remote tower technology, LVNL's plans and the planning may be found here.