Working and doing business in a global location

A business space or office at Groningen Airport Eelde means working in a unique and worldly location. A place to shape your vision, with the look and feel to match your ambitions. Groningen Airport Eelde offers space in a high-quality business park, where we go further than just facilitating a workplace.

Why do business at the airport?

Businesspark Groningen Airport Eelde offers space for an inspiring, dynamic and international working environment. A place that appeals to the imagination of customers and relations. Our business park is home to various internationally operating companies. Together, we are working on a sustainable, accessible and attractive business park.

With a view of the runway, you work from a location with international allure. The world is literally at your feet. Our airport is also easily accessible by road: Groningen Airport Eelde is located on the A28 motorway between Groningen and Assen. 

Business developments next to runway

For the future, the airport is also looking at redevelopment options for the site. Under the heading Businesspark Bravo, it is looking at developing a business park along former runway 01/19. The airport wants to create space to attract new companies and initiatives, such as companies for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) or Aircraft Dismantling including parts storage and logistics handling.


Also feel free to contact us about the possibilities of doing business at the airport. We are happy to think along with you. You can send an e-mail to Han Dieke at or make a phione call +31 6 53504787.

Cargo exploration

Since 13 January 2021, Groningen Airport Eelde has regained recognised security status as Approved Agent Air Cargo. With this, we want to further broaden the attractiveness of the airport for the cargo market. Such recognition contributes to the safe handling of air cargo in the closed chain. A fun fact: at the time, the airport was the very first Approved Agent of the Netherlands, which is why it was assigned the registration number 00001-00. Because this number is so unique, we are now, in 2021, again registered as number 1.