Route development

Route development

The airport is of economic and social importance to the North Netherlands region. Groningen Airport Eelde aims for a mix in destinations relevant to the region, spread across (especially) Europe. But the focus is also on the future; what does Groningen have to offer as a region and how can we make aviation more sustainable.

Not for nothing is the pay-off 'Airport of the North'.  Groningen Airport Eelde has a catchment area of 3.2 million inhabitants and is the only airport in the densely populated Benelux/North-West Germany region with an autonomous catchment area. No other airport is located within 90 minutes' driving distance from the airport. More and more international companies are establishing themselves in the northern Netherlands. For example, there is a lot of attention from companies in the ICT, chemical, life sciences and agrifood sectors. 

Groningen is popular. Not only with tourists at home, but also German and Belgian tourists like to come to Groningen. The city has a rich history, modern iconic buildings and offers many cultural programmes. The province of Groningen has beautiful vast landscapes, the mud flats and authentic village centres for rest and contemplation. 

The airport wants to think ahead and pursues an integrated policy on growth, environment, innovation and sustainability. This is why the airport is the initiator of NXT Airport in which the government, the business community and education develop projects and cooperate in the field of sustainability, innovation and education.


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