Groningen Airport to be the first operational hub for Electron Aviation’s Air Taxis

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Groningen Airport will be Electron Aviation's first operational airport to use electric air taxis. The company recently announced that the air taxi service from Groningen Airport will commence in 2026.

The air taxi service uses 100% electric Electron 5 aircraft, which carry up to four passengers. The air taxis have a range of 750 km from Groningen Airport which covers destinations such as Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hannover, London and Paris.

The agreement to use Groningen Airport as a hub for air taxis was signed by both parties during the Hydrogen Valley Aviation event, part of the Wind meets Gas symposium. Meiltje de Groot, director of Groningen Airport: “We are very enthusiastic about the collaboration which brings us one step closer to offering emission free flight for everyone." Josef Mouris, CEO of Electron Aviation added: “Our range of air taxis offers easier travel options to and from Groningen Airport at a competitive price together with zero emissions.”