Check-in and baggage

All information regarding the check-in procedure can be found here. Baggage rules, passport control and other information can be found using the menu on the left.

When should I check-in for my flight?

Check-in desks open 2 hours before the flight departure time*. The closing time varies per airline which varies from 45 to 30 minutes before departure. For up-to-date information please  refer to your airline’s website. Due to possible queues we advise passengers to arrive well on time.

Online seat reservations

Many airlines now offer online check-in and/or seat reservations. The airline will automatically assign a seat if not pre-booked. In this case there is the possibility that groups travelling together may not sit in the same row. The flight reservation will state if online check-in and seat reservations are possible.

Flight monitors

Flight information monitors around the terminal display departure and arrival times.

Please note! If an incoming flight is delayed, the outgoing departure of that plane will not necessarily also be delayed. For security reasons no baggage may be dropped off and picked up later. This applies to all flights.