Is medication allowed on board?

Medication is allowed on board as long as it is accompanied by a covering letter from a doctor or pharmacist.

Ensure medication is in your hand (cabin) baggage, not in checked-in (hold) baggage. We also advise you to have a prescription in English  available to be shown to customs or security officials on request. Syringes must be packed well. Any medication that has to be kept cool should be carried in cool bags or vacuum flasks but must adhere to current hand luggage regulations. There are no cooling facilities on board.

If in doubt please consult your doctor.

Is food allowed in hand baggage?

Food may be carried in hand baggage following special rules regarding liquids and sharp objects. Click here for more information.

Is it possible to take luggage to the airport in advance?

For security reasons it is not possible for baggage to be dropped off in advance and picked up later. This applies to all flights. There are no luggage lockers at Groningen Airport.