Disabled and less-able

Groningen Airport Eelde offers special provisions to handicapped and less able-bodied passengers to enable them to travel comfortably. Below, you can read how you can get assistance for moving about at the airport, where these provisions are and which matters require special attention.

Need assistance? Apply for it in time! 
When you need assistance, it is important that you let us know in time. State your requirements to the travel agent or the airline when booking your flight. Your request needs to have arrived at your travel agent or airline at the latest 48 hours before the departure (or arrival) time of your flight. We will then ensure that assistance will be available (e.g. wheel chair service) when you arrive at our airport.

Where to report at the airport
If you need assistance you can report this at the handling desk of Groningen Airport Eelde.  Should you need assistance at your arrival at or departure from the airport, you can report this via the intercom system that you will find at the machine for parking tickets on car park P1 or at the machine for parking tickets near the bus stop. You must arrive at the Groningen Airport Eelde site at least 2 hours before the departure time of your flight.  

Parking for the handicapped and the less able-bodied
Car park P1 has special parking spaces for handicapped parking. Please display your parking permit so it is clearly visible behind the front window.

If required, wheelchairs are available for use on the airport and special elevators can be used to board or get off the airplane. Of course you may take your own collapsible wheelchair (without battery) on your trip without extra charge. We recommend that you inform your travel agency or airline in time before your departure that you wish to make use of these facilities (in many cases at the latest 72 hours before departure). We also request you to check in early (at least 2 hours before departure) in view of the time it takes to prepare the wheelchair for the flight.

Terminal provisions 
The terminal at Groningen Airport Eelde offers excellent access for the handicapped and the less able-bodied. The airport has several toilets for handicapped people, wide entrances and all provisions are on ground level.

Special terms and conditions
Airlines sometimes have established special terms and conditions. For instance, air transport of wheelchairs that have been fitted with wet-cell batteries is usually not permitted. (They are classified as hazardous materials). Sometimes there are also regulations as to the dimensions of the wheelchairs. If a wheelchair needs to be transported by air, the airline needs to have been informed in time, usually at the latest 72 hours before departure. Ensure that you are well informed in advance by your travel agent or airline, and check their websites.